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With all the monorail conversations going on again and always, I wonder just how much the monorails mean to most folks. But there is no doubt Galaxy's Edge is highly anticipated among most members. If you were given a choice, at the conception of Star Wars Land, which would you choose? Galaxy's Edge OR new monorail trains with an overall update/maintenance to the system (not expansion, though)? Once you choose one, the other will NEVER happen.

P.S. There are many threads explaining the current monorail conditions so let's try not to get into that too much here.

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Monorail of course. No WDW without it.

I'll be responsible and spoiler the possible EP VII spoiler:
I'll just pretend SW:GE is a jedi projection. If I waited forty years to see Luke and all I got was a projection I can pretend the SW land I've been waiting for for forty years is a really there.

(In reality, there is no choice. WDW can maintain its monorails and build SW lands all the way to Tampa with the amount of cash it rakes in)


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Well considering one has already started this isn't a fair question. I'd pick monorail though. As much as I love Star Wars, I'm not overly excited about it. Will be neat but likely won't make DHS a full day park for me if it's anything like Pandora.


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I do enjoy the monorail and a trip isnt started until we ride around the resort loop once...and we do ride it several times in a trip.... but if it has to be one or the other I'd choose Galaxy Edge. It has the ability to provide more pleasurable experiences that will add to our trip and more return for my money than just experiencing a ride on the monorail... no matter how updated it would become.


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Seeing as how I don't care about the monorail and never ride it...and I am a huge Star Wars geek...it's Star Wars or bust for me.


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I mean of course both but that wouldn't be as fun a hypothetical as choosing ;) However I do see how my question could be biased considering we've experienced the monorails for years vs just the anticipation for GE without experiencing it yet.


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I don't like the monorail or Star Wars so I don't really care LOL. I got stuck on the monorail going to EPCOT in the heat of summer and it wasn't very enjoyable. Luckily we started moving after 10 minutes but I was on the verge of a major panic attack and probably couldn't have lasted much longer without making a spectacle of myself. I've avoided it ever since.


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both, of course

but, in the interest of the game; certainly the monorail.

... can always build another sw land that's not galaxy's edge ;)

i'd prefer it be OT based, anyways


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Star Wars definitely. The monorail is iconic but it doesn’t bring people to DW. Star Wars will be a force (no pun intended) at Studios. A much needed upgrade to a park that was suffering from the half day park syndrome.

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