Which Cast Member interaction do you miss the most?


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I really miss the Mad Tea Party M&G at the GF. My girls did that when we took them in 2012. I also really miss the Winnie the Poo M&G in the UK pavillion.


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i remember an elderly CM years ago who was working at fantasmic selling merchandise from a cart by the front rows of the theater. he would stand on 1 of the rows of seats holding stuff up shouting at the top of his lungs. he’d interact & tease some guests. he’s also literally work up a sweat & we gave him some extra napkins so he can pat himself down.
overall, he made time fly & waiting for the show didn’t seem like much of a wait. i believe his name was carl (he wasn’t selling balloons), & i did see him a few years later when he was with his own family, chatting with other CMs.

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I believe the gentleman’s name at the Beach Club was Art. He was the doorman there for years and what a beautiful soul he was. Great smile and warm eyes ready to wish all who came there a “welcome home”. His sole job was that of a greeter. He had such a wonderful way with people.


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I'd bring my own pair of drumsticks to the Pandoran Drum Circle and was always pulled into the drum ceremony to interact with the drummers. Did it all day sometimes. It was a blast. A technician on my last visit checked out my homemade sticks and said "Here, try these." Gave me an actual prop pair from backstage. I absolutely treasure them.

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