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Which Cast Member interaction do you miss the most?


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I really miss the Mad Tea Party M&G at the GF. My girls did that when we took them in 2012. I also really miss the Winnie the Poo M&G in the UK pavillion.


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i remember an elderly CM years ago who was working at fantasmic selling merchandise from a cart by the front rows of the theater. he would stand on 1 of the rows of seats holding stuff up shouting at the top of his lungs. he’d interact & tease some guests. he’s also literally work up a sweat & we gave him some extra napkins so he can pat himself down.
overall, he made time fly & waiting for the show didn’t seem like much of a wait. i believe his name was carl (he wasn’t selling balloons), & i did see him a few years later when he was with his own family, chatting with other CMs.

REG Glenn

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I believe the gentleman’s name at the Beach Club was Art. He was the doorman there for years and what a beautiful soul he was. Great smile and warm eyes ready to wish all who came there a “welcome home”. His sole job was that of a greeter. He had such a wonderful way with people.


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I'd bring my own pair of drumsticks to the Pandoran Drum Circle and was always pulled into the drum ceremony to interact with the drummers. Did it all day sometimes. It was a blast. A technician on my last visit checked out my homemade sticks and said "Here, try these." Gave me an actual prop pair from backstage. I absolutely treasure them.


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Our family enjoyed our mid August trip to WDW. It was nice to jump on rides with no waits and very different to stroll down a nearly empty World Showcase. The memory of this trip during the Pandemic will be set apart for its unique circumstances. But as annual visitors to the most Magical Place on Earth, we experience these same rides every year, and most the time the rides don’t change. So why do we cherish these annual trips. For our family, it is the Cast Member and character interaction. Disney has always been better than everyone else when it comes to hospitality in their theme parks and resorts. And what sets them apart from everyone else? It is their people.

This last trip was fun, but we sure missed bantering with Gaston, visiting with Betty Shambles, talking with the citizens of Main Street, enjoying the Laugh Floor, or getting a hug from Pooh. Talking to your waitress or visiting with Cast Members in the stores is difficult behind a mask and a face shield. At 57, my hearing is not the best and is made more complicated behind sterile face coverings. Asking a question to a Cast Member about shirt size is made more difficult when trying to keep the 6 foot distance. Simply put, interaction with Disney’s most valuable commodity, it’s people, is very difficult in 2020. I can’t wait to go back next year, but hopefully it will be post pandemic. I’ll take the crowds, rope drops, and long wait times in exchange for parades, fireworks, and most of all, a Disney smile from a cast member.

Which Cast Member interaction would you miss the most?
Simply put, All of them!
Disney cast members, no matter the job or place in the parks. are the absolute Best!


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The bulk of the interaction that I have ever had during all the years I have been going was just to have them two finger point to the nearest restroom. I've been going so long that I hardly have any reason to chat with a CM for anything. I did, years ago in Epcot, speak with both Stitch and his/her handler. Even Stitch answered my questions by nodding yes or no or shrugging to indicate he didn't know. There was no one around close by so I guess that speaking with an old man wasn't going to burst and emersion bubble.

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