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Where is the expansion to Marvel Super Hero Island that insiders said was coming? And when is Storm ride reopening?


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Anyone who pays enough attention and perhaps knows a reasonable amount of people working in the parks knows enough to make educated guesses that they could pass off as "insider knowledge." There are of course posters who have a proven track record, but there's also many that pop up with no record. In my opinion, it makes sense to question them.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the Marvel rumors come from people with proven track records? I fully understand questioning new people who claim to have inside information, but there are also people who try to discredit insiders that have a proven track record.

Jimmy Thick

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I heard a state of the art attraction that would have went into the studios just got canned because of COVID. Weep for that not anything Marvel which honestly had no chance to be added onto anyway.

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