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Where’s the best food in Magic Kingdom

When Tony’s was serving breakfast, it was one of the best places to eat breakfast there. We always ate there for breakfast only when we were in the MK in the morning. Now we alway make reservations for Crystal Palace for the first morning and the last morning when we go. I love their omelet and gravy and sausage over biscuits.


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For MK lunch, we tend to eat at either Starlight Ray's or Pecos Bill's; they are quick. If we want something better, and more relaxing, we head to one of the monorail resorts, but even then, lunch tends towards quick serve.

WDW TS used to be worthwhile, but not so much these days. Among currently open options, Kona is okay.


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Hi Gang -

I have a reservation next week for 4 at the royal table at MK. 2 adults 2 kids.

If the kids or one of us adults decide not to eat while there, do we still have to pay the adult price to get into the royal table or can we only pay for those that eat? TIA.


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I have always thought Be Our Guest was a good option all around, just tough to get into. Decent breakfast, good lunch, and a good dinner.


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I find most of Magic Kingdom's food to be inedible, but there are a few that are good - not per say incredible, but good. Skipper Canteen (I do understand one poster saying that sauces are too sweet), Liberty Tree Tavern (sometimes a little too rich or salty), and a few menu items from the Columbia Harbor House (sometimes too greasy depending on what you order, and their fries could use some changes.) I liked Be Our Guest when I went for lunch back in 2017, but that was before the changes, and I haven't been back since.

This is all a far cry from other places at WDW. EPCOT and DAK are the parks that I don't worry about when I need to find something to eat. DHS isn't as good, but is still better than MK.

I love Sonny Eclipse but Cosmic Ray's is awful. Pecos Bill's will load you up on ingredients but they're flavorless and cold. Both of those experiences have me wary of trying more places in Magic Kingdom.

I think the snacks are overall pretty strong. If you want something sweet, you can find something delicious just about anywhere, like the citrus swirl and dole whip! But if you're craving something savory for a snack, I recommend getting the bacon on a stick that's at a cart across that way from the Country Bears.
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Sleepy Hollow chicken and waffle is so delicious, Pecos Bills has some really good bowls too if you aren't looking to spend much, but I hear the skipper canteen is amazing.

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