Wheelchairs no longer complimentary at Disney's water parks

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According to this thread, you can no longer get wheelchairs as resorts. I have no idea if this is true.


It's true. Complimentary resort chairs were discontinued last year. Part of the reason was maintenance and safety issues- resort chairs tended to be in bad shape. And some (although I'm sure not all) guests would get one and then use them in the parks, instead of paying for a rental. I believe each resort still keeps one or two for emergency use only.


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They charge for strollers. On a basic level this isn't too different. I like that they charge for strollers, because if they didn't, even more families would use them and the pathways would be even more clogged. I think strollers are fine, it's just that the parks weren't built to handle them, or handle too many of them.

Much like strollers, wheelchairs also clog up the pathways. So by charging for them, you weed out those guests who don'y really need wheelchairs but use them for the heck of it.

The key difference to me is that many others actually do need them for medical reasons. And many of those others, because of such medical reasons, cannot experience or participate in much that the waterparks have to offer. So, since they paid the same price to get in (is that right?) but can do far less ... at the very least Disney could give them a wheelchair.

It's a catch 22, they help one problem and hurt another. I'm not sure which is better, charging or not charging. Of course Disney will go with whatever'll make more money, and from this decision, it's evident which option they believe will do that.

LOL. :D Such a dumb joke but you made me laugh.
Thanks. I've found that debating/discussing just about anything on here is pointless and trying to be 'smart' usually doesn't cut it unless you are 'an insider' (whatever that is...personally, I think they are the guys that walk in during meetings to empty the trash and they 'hear stuff'), so I go for the chuckle. I mean...it's a theme park based on a talking mouse for crying out loud.

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