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What's your longest stay at WDW resorts?


I am curious as to how many days people stay at WDW resorts in one trip, and what the highest number is. Here are the rules:

1. You can count split stays, like moving from All Stars to Pop to Contemp during the stay.
2. You can count days where you don't go to the parks, or even go to Universal, as long as you are staying at a Disney hotel.
3. You can count Swan and Dolphin and all DVC properties or Disney campsites. Four Seasons or Golden Oaks doesn't count.
4. If you move to Universal hotel or Four seasons or other offsite hotels during part of the stay, you need to subtract the number of nights from the total, but make a note in the end, such as: Five nights at GF, plus 4 nights at Universal.
5. If you go once a month and stay for say, 2 nights, you cannot add the 2 nights stays together. It has to be one trip. I want to know the longest people stay in one trip.
6. Doesn't matter when the trip is, maybe 20 years ago when you were a baby, maybe yesterday, as long as it's your longest stay. A future trip is counted if you are sure you are going and have a hotel reservation, not just one you are thinking about.

For me, my last trip was 23 nights, the longest I've ever stayed, mostly at Pop. What's your highest number? Please post below. I want to know if my stay is long and therefore impressive, or if 23 nights is nothing. (I wouldn't normally think of this, but covid has turned me desperate and I am looking for any way to amuse myself.)


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15 nights this last July. We did a split stay at Jambo and Poly. We generally stay a week when we go. We're staying 9 nights at Kidani during Christmas this year.
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2005 - 7 Nights
2006 - 8 Nights
2007 - 5 Nights (Quicker Trip - Oldest Daughter sang in the Xmas Processional
2015 - 4 Nights (Quicker Trip - Youngest Daughter sang in the Xmas Processional
2016 - 7 Nights
2021 - 9 Nights (Planned - If it works out this will be our longest stay.)

I would love to spend a full 2 weeks one day...
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Super structures are my specialty!
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14 days at CBR 3 times. We generally stay 10-12 days for spring/ summer trips. MVMCP trips are generally 3 day whirlwind tours. Only one kid left in school and she is a Junior this year so that may be changing in a couple years :)
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Buck Wheelie

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Our first visit as a family - 25 years ago - was for 4 nights which was too short. Every trip after has been 7 nights. That's perfect for us and I wouldn't want to stay longer.
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