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  • Hi! You had asked about our upcoming Uni/Disney trip in August. I tried to "start a conversation" but was running into errors, so I'm attaching my rambles as a pdf. Let me know if you have any questions. :)


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    Hey there,

    I saw you'd posted some concerns over attending Disney World this summer. With the news about Zika in Florida today, can I ask: Have your plans changed at all? Know anyone else who's concerned? Feel free to call or email me anytime. Thanks so much.

    Drew Harwell
    Business writer, The Washington Post
    We actually went end of May beginning of June. However, at this time if we did have a trip planned for August or September we would be postponing it because I am due in November.
    Good Morning, you may have left already or done something else with your goodies and that is okay. Apologize for not responding yesterday, I never got online once. Had all sorts of issues all day yesterday. Anyways I am up and online working so if you see this before you leave, I have a car and can make my way to the Dolphin (or is it the Swan, I need to go back and read). And my cell is 832-865-7078. Thanks Janice
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    I'm sorry... Yes I just got this now and am already home!!! Hope you enjoy your trip. Sorry we couldn't meet up :)
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