Whats in TSM building?


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You sure about that? I mean Disney chose not to build a gift shop after the ride, if they had extra space it seems that a gift shop would have been priority #1
The extra space used for storage is on the opposite end of the building from the rides exit. there is no room where the current exit is and a new structure would have to be built to make a exit shop.


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I think it would be hard to depict, but from day 1 of the project it was stated by insiders on these boards that MMRR was not going to utilize all the space that GMR used
It was certainly stated by some that would be the case. Surely comparing the track layout of the ride against GMR should verify one way or another. Looking at the floor plan for MMRR there doesn’t appear to be a significant amount of unused space


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The show building for The Great Movie Ride continues to have empty space...currently utilized for storage. The Runaway Railroad doesn't utilize all of the show building from the previous occupant.
Count me as a fan of Runaway Railway. I view it as an improvement over the neglected version of Great Movie Ride. That being said, we all know that the park would have been much better served building Runaway Railway elsewhere or better utilizing that space. I also would have liked to see them fully realize the tornado scene into one befitting of trackless tech.

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