What would it take for you to NOT go back?


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Another huge covid spike in the Disneyworld area would keep me from going again, or NY putting back travel restrictions such as negative covid tests. Our 5/1-5/7 trip just made the "cut-off" of Disney lowering some covid precautions - temp checks were discontinued our last day there. (which I thought was a waste of time anyway.) However, masks were required at that time, even as social distancing was being decreased. Yes, prices were expensive, and there were less "benefits" for staying in a deluxe resort, but we made the best of it. Capacity was definitely increased the week we were there - we thought it was crowded then. Can't imagine it now, with people breathing down our backs.


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overall it’ll be cost. there’s going to be a day when it gets too expensive for us to go. the way things are going, i sometimes think it’ll come sooner than later.
i’ll add covid for this year. we are vaccinated, but if it gets crazy again, we’ll cancel our trip for october.


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overall it’ll be cost. there’s going to be a day when it gets too expensive for us to go. the way things are going, i sometimes think it’ll come sooner than later.
i’ll add covid for this year. we are vaccinated, but if it gets crazy again, we’ll cancel our trip for october.
That was the biggest question I had in this sorta informal poll: how much does money play into it.


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If fastpass never returns. Neither will we. The crowd levels need to chill out as well. Just can't do the crazily overcrowded thing having a family member with an ASD.


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Quite honestly, the pine box they put me in...For a week a year, (sometimes more, sometimes less), we (my DW & I) can leave our lives behind and enjoy ourselves...now that the kids are older, we will be doing the trips as a couple until (hopefully someday) we become grandparents and turn a new generation on to the mouse. We live at the Jersey shore, so beaches are meh, we're not cruise people, we just LOVE being there.


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I don't understand why a non Disney fan is all over a Disney fan forum always putting them down?
If said person is say a Universal or Seaworld fan then why not just stick to the areas of interest vs areas of hate?
My guess is that person's personality is one that enjoys drama.

Anyways to the question...
As a lifelong Disney fan I'd say what would make me no longer care to return would be if I had a terrible experience compared to previous visits.
I have 2 trips booked and paid for for this year and if I find it overly crowded with long lines that I cannot avoid and don't get to do as many of my favorite attractions as my previous trips I may consider holding off on planning a trip for next year.
The thing is I've been to all of the area parks not just Disney but Disney is the one that I keep on coming back to so if I stopped going there then I wouldn't be going to their competition either.
So then I'd have to find somewhere else entirely to vacation and not much else appeals to me.
My first thought was wondering why he's here if he's a non-fan. :rolleyes:


No fast pass for staying on property is a big thing. Its hard to imagine taking 6 yr. old not letting hug and talk to buzz or woody or Chewy even Mickey. I would say eliminating free fast pass for those staying on property is the biggest thing. Hard to make a 6yr old stand in line for over an hour.

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Not that I owe an explication, but I put them down?

First- There are tons far worse than me (if I am in that camp- that’s your stance not mine).

Second- Mrs Willmark is the Disney fan so she did like going, if I’m spending an arm and a leg on a vacation I want it to be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Third- all over? Prior to the end of the political forum I limited myself to largely there. I’m thinking you’re confusing me with something or someone else.

Sounds like a case of projection, I mean look at your username.


My username is just a cute inside joke between myself and my 74yr old mom. Don't read too much into it.


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When the value for the money we spend for a WDW trip is less than the value we get for trips that cost the same or less than WDW. We could spend a week at an all inclusive, 5+ star Caribbean resort for less than a week of park tickets and moderate resort fees at WDW. For even less than that, we could rent a nice vacation home in Davenport, with a pool and hot tub, and visit other points of interest in Orlando/central Florida. Also, for me personally, but maybe not my wife and daughter, if a new system requires me to pre-book almost every attraction I want to see, then I'm done, because, at that point, there is almost no spontaneity involved.
I will stop going when I stop being a Disney fan, which I can’t see happening ever. As someone who grew up watching the films, singing the songs, and loving the characters, I feel a sense of indescribable happiness whenever I set foot in a Disney theme park. I am nowhere near ready to give up on that feeling and don’t think I ever will be.
Same opinion.


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It’s already happened. I moved to Orlando in 2017 just for the sole reason to be close to Disney. I went multiple times a week, but hadn’t really liked the direction the parks had been going in for a long time. Losing illuminations was the last straw, so I moved back home. About a year after I move back home, I hear that Splash Mountain is going to be replaced, and that was the super last straw. I don’t see how I can go back without having a bad taste in my mouth, and as a 25 year fan, that really hurts to say.


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For those who say cost, how much higher before you tap out? A few have eluded to it.
You will probably never be able to find a single reason as simple as cost, or crowds, or cleanliness for THE reason people are vacationing less at Disney. People may cite that as the reason, but there will be other factors.

Cost won't be the tipping point, value will be. Each poor decision diminishes the Disney brand. The straws are piling on, parking fees, questionable hires, Fastpass, are the heaviest at the moment. Who knows, I may lose it over soda price increases, and that be the tipping point, but it won't be the sole reason.

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