What song are you listening to currently?


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A Million Dreams - from Movie The Greatest Show on Earth, just love it. Great for a couple about to share a life.


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Was reliving Tanya Tucker & Delta dawn after she got her Grammy after 14 nominations.

Also Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton new “Nobody but You” song brought to mind “Don’t you wanna stay” Jason Aldean duet with Kelly Clarkson. Is it just me or do the songs sound alike??!

I watch Brazilian novelas and always love their international mix of songs. The current one “Amor de Mãe” on the Globo network has a great playlist.

They always have a song play for each character. “Medo Bono” for Bettina and Magno is a good one.


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After stumbling across this band a few weeks ago after someone attempted a lame hackneyed joke in a Coronavirus thread (not here), of all things....they have become my favorite band in the world. Just mind-blowing.
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