What song are you listening to currently?

rael ramone

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last night at work

Mysterious Traveler - Weather Report
Come With Us - Chemical Brothers
Out of the Tunnels Mouth - Steve Hackett

rael ramone

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Last night at work

Elton John - self titled
James Taylor - Mud Side Slim and the Blue Horizon
Yes - Fragile
Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul

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rael ramone

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in honor of Sir George Martin, last night I played The White Album (of course realizing later that that album he was absent for about a third of it due to the band infighting at the time). When you hit whole albums you get to hear gems like 'Revolution #9'.

gave Bjorks - Selmasongs a spin as well...

(just now hit the link to hear 'Knees of my Bees' - can't get into it. Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie is quite good (better then her breakout album that some think was her debut), but could care less for Under Rug Swept and she dropped out off my radar...)
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