What ride represents each park?


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Hey Guys!

My next Disney trip is not until July of 2018 and ever since me and my girlfriend booked it, time has been a real drag:arghh: So thank you all for posting whether it be opinion, fact or rumor related! Anyway, I was just wondering what ride represents each park for you? This is not necessarily your favorite ride, but the ride that best represents each park. See below for my answers!

Magic Kingdom - Splash Mountain
This is tough, but Splash Mountain is the most nostalgic ride for me in ALL 4 parks.

Epcot - Spaceship Earth
I dont think this one needs an explanation.

MGM/Hollywood Studios - Tower of Terror
Too many memories of me and my Father when it comes to this ride, so it takes the cake.

Animal Kingdom - Dinosaur
Easily the ride I look forward to the most at Animal Kingdom. I'm a sucker for dark rides.

I'm really interested to hear what you guys pick!


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Magic Kingdom: Space Mountain
Everything from the queue to the Star Tunnel music to the sound of the loading dock screams nostalgia to me.

Epcot: Spaceship Earth
You said it!

MGM/Hollywood Studios: Tower of Terror
There's nothing else like it at WDW, and it's never the same twice.

Animal Kingdom: Kilimanjaro Safari
It's simultaneously relaxing and exciting, embodies what the park is about, in a way that no 'outsider' understands how cool it can be. AK is NOT a zoo!


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Oooooh. This is a tough one for some parks!!

For the Magic Kingdom, I am going to say Space Mtn. Although I wanted to say Splash, I think Space is more iconic to the park and it was the first coaster there. It's also more visible from outside the park.

EPCOT Center - No contest and a no-brainer. Spaceship Earth.

Disney Studios - I was going to say the Great Movie Ride ...but, well, you know. So Tower of Terror gets the distinction now.

Animal Kingdom - Pre-2006, I would have said It's Tough to be a Bug and the Tree of Life or Kilimanjaro Safari. 2006-2016 I would easily say Everest. But with Pandora now open....it may take that title away if it ends up becoming an icon in the park.



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Epcot - Spaceship Earth
MK - Space Mountain
AK- Kilimanjaro Safari
DHS - TOT despite I can't go on it (I am forced to say this one since Great Movie Ride is going to close)

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Magic Kingdom: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
EPCOT: Spaceship Earth
Hollywood Studios: The Great Movie Ride
Animal Kingdom: Kilimanjaro Safaris


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MK: Disney Railroad (Walt even had a train in his backyard)
Epcot: Spaceship Earth
DHS: It's not a ride, but I'm picking the Indy Stunt Spectacular. It's been there since almost day one and is true to the original movie theme of the park.
AK: Kilamanjaro Safari. It represents more of what the park was supposed to be about than a roller coaster.


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Certainly not my top favorites but best represents the parks to me
MK... Disney RR circling the lands
EP... Journey into Imagination with Figment
AK... Safari


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Magic Kingdom- Space Mountain
I have a hard time justifying a ride that did not originate at WDW's Magic Kingdom. That qualification eliminates most of the competition.
Epcot- Spaceship Earth
Easiest pick and surely everyone's answers.
MGM- (Backstage Studio Tour (RIP), Great Movie Ride (RIP)), Tower of Terror.
ToT is a worthy representative, but it is a shame to think of what use to be. It is especially a shame that ToT may be on the chopping block as well. Can we really imagine a Star Wars ride being the representative attraction? I'm sorry, but I don't like that idea.
Animal Kingdom- Kilimanjaro Safari
This is the best representation of the park. It may not be as popular as Everest or Dinosaur, but it represents the park best for what it is.


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MK... toss up between Pirates and HM.

Epcot... Spaceship Earth

DHS... Tot didn't exist for about 10 years when I was going there, so GMR has to be my choice. Even with it going, the building is the identity. If they don't change that it can still be the representative.

DAK... Again going with what was there when it first opened... the tree of life and the Bugs Life within it.

Taking into account was was put in there after (in some cases years after) I wouldn't alter my MK choice. I would add a toss up to Epcot by including Soarin. DHS would still be GMR with Indy as my choice if they change the external look. DAK the bug infested big ole tree still wins out.


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Mine are...
MK: Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Space Mntn, Spash Mntn
Epcot: Spaceship Earth, Rio del Tiempo
DHS: Tower of Terror
AK: Kilimanjaro Safari, Everest


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MK: Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain
Epcot: Spaceship Earth, Test Track
Hollywood Studios: Rock'N'Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror
AK: Flight of Passage, Everest


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Magic Kingdom - Haunted Mansion
A Walt original (from DL first). Who can forget the 999 Happy Haunts?

Epcot - Spaceship Earth
Can't disagree with this one.

MGM/Hollywood Studios - Great Movie Ride / Star Tours
As "Hollywood Studios", it's definitely the Great Movie Ride (RIP). As the Park That Promotes Star Wars, Star Tours.

Animal Kingdom - Killamanjaro Safari
It's Animal Kingdom after all. Here's a ride to see actual animals.


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DHS - Tower of Terror. You can see it before you even enter the park, and Sunset Boulevard sets the mood and builds suspense.
DAK - Kilimanjaro Safari. I agree with what everyone else has said–Everest and Dinosaur are great rides, but Kilimanjaro really captures the spirit of DAK, and offers guests an experience no other park could replicate.
EPCOT - Spaceship Earth. Of course!
MK - (?) I think MK is so much more difficult than the others because each land is so distinct. I immediately associate MK with Fantasyland (it's the "Magic" Kingdom after all) which is why classic rides like Peter Pan, Small World and others immediately come to mind. But revolutionary dark rides like Haunted Mansion and Pirates can also factor in here, even if Adventureland and Liberty Square aren't normally considered the "defining" areas of MK.

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