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What park would you love to have all to yourself at night???

Giss Neric

Well-Known Member
Yeah, staff would be operating the rides, but you would be the only guests.
This is not wishful thinking as we have experienced it already during the after hours event. We were just lucky that there were so few guests that day you could literally count them, so basically we technically had the night to ourselves with a few others. This was at Animal Kingdom by the way so I would choose this park cause of the rides.

Rode Flight of Passage 4 TIMES and EE 4 times.

Brad Bishop

Well-Known Member
One thing I'd request if I were staying in the MK at night: Turn off the rainbow castle. I don't know if they still do it but when I used to go they'd leave the LEDs on the castle on "demo-mode" and they'd just cycle through the rainbow and it made no sense. I much prefer the traditional white lights on the castle or, at least, something that is purposely there for the ambiance than cycling colors.


Well-Known Member
I'd want the park with the most attractions, the one with the best lit up features, the one I'd get the most enjoyment from... MK of course. And having no line for a Dole Whip would make it even better!!!
We actually nearly had this at AK a few years ago. It was the first year they opened AK late at night. It was July (maybe 2016?) and Pandora had not yet opened. I think many people did not know AK stayed open that late (until 11 pm, I think) because it never had before. It was absolutely magical. I think there were more CMs than guests. My daughter was the only child on Triceratops Spin, as Dino Land was deserted. We got in line for KS and we were the only people in the entire queue. Not one other person. We got to the truck and there were about six other people on the truck. We realized that AK was the place to be since so few were going. We went three nights because we knew that that was a very rare opportunity that we should take advantage of. Wonderful memories.


Well-Known Member
If I can take the drinks out of the restaurants I'll take the MK, if not then I choose Epcot because I'd choose it even if it's filled with people.


Well-Known Member
Hollywood Studios, if only because Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard are so beautiful at night.

I would, however, like the outdoor terrace at the Brown Derby opened for me with a meal of oyster brie soup (please bring it back), cobb salad, rolls, and the martini flight. :)


Well-Known Member
For us? MK, hands down...when we get too tired of everything, the wife and daughters can crash in the Cinderella suite in the castle....and me? I'll camp out on TSI.


Well-Known Member
I had the unique opportunity to see an empty Disney Park in March, although I wasn't actually inside the park. I just so happened to be at Disneyland Resort the last week before it closed, and my reservation at the Grand Californian extended until two days after the parks shut down. From the observation deck of the hotel, you can look down on California Adventure. They were keeping the lights and music on even after the park closed - don't know if this was only until the Grand Californian shut down completely, or indefinitely. Looking down on the empty park, I have to say it was kind of eerie. It really hit home to me that other guests really are an essential part of the park atmosphere. Too many can kill it, but the experience just isn't the same without other people there.


Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
It depends on whether I have to poop or not. The most important thing to me is an empty bathroom.

...I’d say Animal Kingdom then.

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