What is the best ride you have ever been on?


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What is the best ride you have been on? Doesnt have to be a Disney ride, just the best ride. And also a ride you have been on, not seen videos or read about, but have actually ridden in person.

for me its PotC in DL, i just love it so much.


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Peter Pan affects the kid in me more than anything else.

But Rise of the Resistance has to be the best attraction experience I've ever been on, with Guardians a close second.


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Easily Horizons for me. A close second would be Rise of the Resistance in Disneyland. I was lucky to see it multiple times in 100% operational capacity, and when every effect and and character functions as it should, the attraction in nothing short of a technological marvel!


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Ouch. There are so, so many different types and genres of rides, I find it impossible to compare apples and oranges and come up with a single best or favourite...And indeed do you mean "best" as in a qualitative sense, or just favourite?? Perhaps I'm overthinking it!

(I often think that when people ask me what's the "worst" coaster I've been on. I guess what they mean is what's the most scary or frightening, which is meaningless to me as I don't find them scary. They're asking from their point of view, which, reading between the lines, I'd probably translate to "most exciting" and therefore to me it would be my "best" not the "worst". From my point of view, I'd probably reply that my worst would probably be something like Desperado, The Big One, or Barnstormer, but I don't think they'd find my reasons satisfying!). [Desperado hurts, Arrow really pushed the boat out on those terrible transitions. The Big One is boring. Odd that they got it right with the first, Magnum. And Barnstormer - just a kiddie coaster that doesn't interest me.]

I've ridden around 700 coasters, I can say that my nbr 1 is Nemesis. It's got past the point where I'm wondering if anything is going to replace it at the top of my list, it's very special to me. My favourite woodie is The Voyage. I used to have Top 10 lists, then it became top 20...then it becomes difficult to manage. Cosmic Rewind is certainly in my top 5 favourite indoor coasters, if not nbr 1.

And other rides. Well, there are dark rides. And there are many genres. My favourite haunted swing is Hex. My favourite flying theatre is Soarin.

Disney excels at dark rides and probably most of my favourites are Disney. Horizons, Spaceship Earth, Journey into Imagination (v1), Tower of Terror (is it a dark ride or drop tower??), Pirates California.

How on earth to choose just one. Do I prefer Horizons over Hex or Tower of Terror, and where does Nemesis fit in? I can't say.
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I'm a coaster nerd so for me Steel Vengeance has to be the clear cut #1. But I haven't had the chance to ride Hagrid's or Velocicoaster yet either. Iron Gwazi this summer though could be up there as well.

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