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What is one thing you wish you could have done differently


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What's one thing you wish you would have done differently on your Disney vacation? Did you miss a favorite ride? Stay at the wrong hotel? To much walking not enough enjoying?

Ricky Spanish

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Honestly, never had any regrets with our trips to WDW.
Maybe because we don't set impossible "goals" or expectations.
We always go for at least 10 nights.
And we know we will be back again to find something new or different to try.


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We plan extensively and know what kind of trip we want and how we want it to go. We dont find after a trip that we missed out on anything. The only regrets Ive had has been coming home and thinking I should have added in a tour or I should have dined at this restaurant instead of that one because the food or service wasnt up to expectations.


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2017 was our first visit other than missing Test Track because of frequent closures, and Mission Space for refurb, I wouldn't change anything. I realize many say MS isn't that great but being a space fan I'd been waiting to go on it since it first opened. Kinda disappointing when you get a closure announced a month before leaving with last operating day the day before you arrive. Oh well, unless they plan another for in 3 weeks I'll get around to it this time. DD8 just wanted more Epcot WS time, I hadn't counted on her liking it so much, our down day turned into a 3rd Epcot day lol.


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Recorded Magic Journeys instead of just watching it.
One of the reasons that I have refuse to bring my video recorder on vacations anymore. I did that once in Europe and all I remember is having something pressed up against my eye.


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I think our first trip was probably the worst. I had heard/read so many horror stories about how if you did not have every thing planned out to the tee you would be hopeless lost and forced to eat hamburgers for the entire trip.
Unfortunately that made me paranoid and turned me into some deranged vacation nazi. My kids started crying that they wanted to go home and my husband literally threatened to snatch my spreadsheet (yep, I pulled out the old spreadsheet about every 5 minutes to make sure we were staying on track) and burn it.

Talk about guilt, any time your kid starts crying that they don't want to be with you at Disney you know you've gone one step to far.

never did that again in over 15 trips afterward. don't force people to get up and don't make more than 3 TS ressies in a weekly trip


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The one thing my DW and I regret was our first trip with our 2 DD's...The looks on their faces the first time they saw Cinderella castle from Main Street...PRICELESS!!! I always suggest to first timers to "sneak in" and get their children's facial expressions when they see the castle for the first time. Man, I wish we had that photo, but it will forever be etched in our memories, which we talk about often.


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Although I regret a few things and ways we first vacationed in Disney....

Rushed everywhere
Stayed out from park open to close
Tried to ride a zillion rides a day
Planned everything

Im glad I have those memories of things we WON’T do anymore. It’s all about just a relaxing pace mostly now..although i still find my self waking fast to a bus when I see it at the stop. (Only to get there and it doesn’t leave for 10 minutes )

The first trips were just that. First. Maybe last. We had nothing booked....this trip might be the last trip. Let’s “see it all “

Since, we bought into DVC and go every 6 months, so things we miss end up on a soft lists of things to do next time

Not sure how’s we’d be if every trip was the last trip still


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Not enough video taping. Took lots of pictures, but regret the lack of video. It just never seems to be a good time for video. It takes you too far out of the experience. But later, when you want back into the experience, there is no video to enjoy. It is like some sort of catch 22.

I did learn from this mistake and bought an amazing 4k camcorder to record the kids big high school performances. I'll be taking that when ever I return to WDW. ...probably with grandkids at this rate.


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My biggest regret from past trips was that my young kid brain was not activated enough to really take in and remember the last good trips with my late dad and the rest of my family while I was still naive to reality.


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I keep telling myself next time take more breaks and spend more time at the pool. Relax. But it never happens. We tend to be park open to... well, not always park close, but often close, on our MK days especially. It’s a rare day we aren’t up at 6-630 am.

One thing I do try to do (so I don’t regret it) is to do something new or at least something I haven’t done in a long time. Last visit, that meant watching Impressions de France and the China film for the first time in 10 years. We also did a dessert party for the first time. Overpriced yes but a lot of fun, also yes.


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My one regret is also that Martin didn't record Magic Journeys...

Seriously, it was one last ride on Horizons, because I thought I would be able to do it "next time." That right there was a serious life lesson - do things now! (especially true with today's Disney)


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I always say on our next trip that I want to try a Dole Whip. I have yet to do that. I always regret not getting one when I'm back in Syracuse.


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i would have hydrated more and had less beers in epcot before standing up from a bench and falling on my face busting up my eyebrow and needing an ambulance to the er...
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