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What do you remember about disney from your childhood?


LOL, we rode it in 1979, and my sister was also terrified of the ghosts in the HM Doom Buggy, but that was because on our ride, she happened to put her hand down on something sharp in the buggy just as we saw the ghosts in the mirror, and she swore for years that the ghost bit her! :ROFLOL:

That's pretty funny!....I forgot to mention that after that first trip through the HM I saved my allowance and bought the Official Haunted Mansion Book and Record - the one that's now on ebay for like $85. I still have it 40 years later and will not part with it. We played it over and over and over!


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I never went as a child. I remember the movies I loved (and still do) and thinking how only rich people actually go to go to WDW or DL - you know...like the way TV families lived. I never even knew anyone close to me that went (family, friends, etc).


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I remember vividly the descent portion of the original SSE...it was so surreal, really hard to describe.

I remember my parents dragging me out of Epcot a few times crying that I wasn't tired and wanted to ride more attractions


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I distinctly remember a TON about my first trip to WDW when I was 6. We stayed at the villas of the Disney Institute. Those were designed and laid out a lot like a little town or community, so six-year-old Kevin thought that WDW was essentially just a giant city that happened to have theme parks in it (which, I suppose it kind of is). I recall a genuine sense of wonder and awe at the sheer grandiosity of the WDW resort. And the fact that the sole purpose of this giant place was for people to have fun.

That particular feeling and aura of WDW never really came back to me. It makes a lot more logical sense to me now than it did back then.

(With all that being said, now I'm reminiscing about the Disney Institute. There was a serious coolness about that place; something very different than any other Disney resort.)

Oh, I also remember: A) Being mortally petrified of the Haunted Mansion, and B) Trick-or-treating whilst dressed in a costume of Chris O'Donnell's portrayal of Robin (from 'Batman & Robin') at MNSSHP. So many tiny Nestle Crunch bars. So many...


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The hydrolators at The Living Seas had me believe we were traveling under water to visit Sea Base Alpha! also remember the lightning in the pre show video just before it rained to form the seas scared the living crap out of my little brother for years! :ROFLOL:


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I remember riding the monorail, visiting the Polynesian. Riding the skyway and train. Watching my father go on thunder mountain. Visiting the swiss family tree. Seeing the electrical parade and my mother buying me stuffed animals. Also going on 20k leagues with my father, i really loved that ride. Pretty good memories


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- Riding an empty Monorail car with my family for the first time

- Riding Delta Dreamflight like a million times

- COP with “Now is the Time” song

- Tomorrowland Speedway

- Haunted Mansion CMs were the best!

- Having a great slice of pizza at Electric Umbrella in Epcot for some reason

- Sitting with my Dad near the Main Street Fire Station

- Space and Big Thunder Mountains terrifying my parents

- Enjoying the new MGM Studios and loving the The Great Movie Ride and Streets of New York

- The Golden Girl House on the Backstage Tour

- Mickey Ice Cream bars

- How nice the CMs were on Main Street

- Fireworks!

- Main Street lit up at night


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We went in early 70's. I remember my brothers scamming all of us little sister's E & D tickets and then giving us their A tickets so we could ride the carousel or the trolley down Main St (rip off).

I remember riding If You Had Wings and the song stuck in my mind (still).

I remember watching Song of the South outdoors at Fort Wilderness.

Also, loved growing up watching Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night.


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Okay when i was younger i would take my teddy bear everywhere i went, i took him with me to WDW and brought him to a character breakfast. The characters were playful with me and my teddy bear but one interaction stuck. Jasmine and Aladdin were very playful with me and my teddy. Later that day we were at Magic Kingdom watching the parade and there was a float with Jasmin and Aladdin, they saw me in the crowd and they recognized me because of my teddy bear! They motioned to each other the size of the teddy bear and pointed at me and waved.

This is one of my favorite memories :)


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What do you remember from your childhood? Anything you thought was real or not? :)

I remember really wanting to go because the commercials always said dreams will come true and like i said in my previous post I love my teddy bear so I thought if I went on this bridge in Magic Kingdom my teddy bear would turn into a real bear, but he would talk and still be small haha.


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I also remember spinning the tea cups so fast and getting my dad sick. Now I can't even go on them, because spinning makes me sick (payback I guess).


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20,000 leagues under the sea...God I loved that ride!! So corny but I loved it!! The Skyway , such a great ride as well, god the older rides I have quite a few favs..But you know I miss how magical it felt to see Mickey or minnie just walking around the park, ....Not a line , no autographs books, no photopass....Just you could walk up to Mickey and minnie and it just seemed so Magical, especailly as your walking up mainstreet and after you see the castle , to see mickey at the end of mainstreet, yeah I miss that!! Have see if I can drudge up some old pics!


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I also remember spinning the tea cups so fast and getting my dad sick. Now I can't even go on them, because spinning makes me sick (payback I guess).

LOL, I so understand, Now when we go its "see how fast we can spin this teacup so we can see Mama get that"look " on her face"!!! Yes this is my two girls and hubby doing this to me!! Kinda reminds me (and the kids quote her as well) of the samantha brown show she did on Disney a few yrs back, and her saying about the teacups "favorites comes and favorites go"...Yes I understand!!


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I remember watching Walt Disney on TV as a child. I think it was late 50's. The Davy Crockett series with Fess Parker was featured sometimes. Every little kid back then had something Davy Crockett . I had a jacket. I think my husband had the **** skin cap. Disney also showed nature shows.
The Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funicello when it was in black and white. Never missed it. I think it came on in the afternoon when I'd get home from school.
I have a picture of me in the early 50's with a Mickey Mouse doll. Wish I still had that Mickey Mouse doll.


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Crying during all of Snow Whites Scary Adventure, Mickey and Minnie's House, Donald's Boat, the small houses in toon town, the hunchback of notre dame show, and going to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid to escape the heat.


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I was already 13 when MK opened...

What do I most remember? The really really long drive down there from Cleveland....the really really long lines....and the really really hot weather that we never got up North.

What do I most remember attraction wise? The Three hour wait to ride 20K Leagues....and then not knowing what you were supposed to look at when you were ON the ride -- it was one of those, "we waited in line to see rocks under water?" experiences....

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