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What Do You Call The MK Castle?


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We have been going to WDW countless times for many years. Yet one thing I have been doing incorrectly back as far as I can remember is saying the castle's name accurately.
For us, we usually just call it The Castle.

Hey look kids, there's the castle.
Fireworks start in an hour, we'd better make our way toward the castle.
Etc, etc and so on.

On rare occasion, one of us might say Cinderella's Castle, but usually it's just The Castle.

Even Cinderella's Castle is wrong, as the true name according to Disney is Cinderella Castle.

We know several other families who frequent WDW, yet have never heard anyone refer to it as Cinderella Castle.
Just the castle, or Cinderella's Castle.

So my question to this community is, do many of you refer to the castle by it's actual name? Asking out of curiosity.


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I always just called it "the Castle". Never felt the need to do anything else. To my knowledge there is no other castle in MK, so being that specific never seemed necessary.


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Nope. Definitely know that it's called Cinderella Castle, but just like other well known places or people, we don't use the proper name. It's easier to just use a nickname or other name that's more common or well known.


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We either refer to it as Cindy’s Castle or just The Castle. Since it is the main focus looking up Main Street there’s no confusion on what we are talking about. When we talk about the other castle we say The Beast Castle.


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"The Castle."

It would not be Cinderella's Castle, as even if The King had died, and Prince Charming became King Charming, Cinderella would be Queen Consort and have no ownership claim to the castle. So Cinderella Castle (not possessive) would be correct, since it is the castle associated with her.
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