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What becomes of Star Tours


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I agree with the sentiment that it doesn't make sense to remove yet. The studios are still covering new scene tie ins.

5 years from now though - please, please, please, please... all I want is a Muppets takeover.


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It's amazing how much cooler that whole area looks with the peoplemover driving through it.
So true. One of the coolest things about old TL was how kinetic it felt with so much transportation moving. You had the PM, Autopia, subs, Monorail, and Rockets (on top of the PM) all buzzing together. It did feel like a world of tomorrow feeling so integrated together to this kid at the time and why TL was my favorite one. Most of the stuff is still there but with the PM gone and rockets removed to ground level (which takes away what made them so cool in the first place; feeling elevated like you're actually flying through the sky) its just not as great. It really sucks the PM was removed for a ride that I don't think made it a full two years of operation.
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