West Side Parking Garage construction


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anyone have any pics of it?

if its there i sure didnt see it, and messed up coming out of the garage, and i've been in the garage before like two times (one time drivng, one time riding as passenger)

my point is if ive been in the garage previously and end up getting confused, then its surely confusing for tourists who have never been in it before.
I'll give you that. I didn't even know there were two exits until like my fifth time in the garage. But, I never looked, either. When I actively looked for exit signage, I then saw it. It is kinda small, though. Maybe they need to light the signage, then people would see it easier.


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Photo update as of Wednesday, Nov. 9. New artwork appearing above elevator doors on second level of the Orange Garage main pedestrian crossover. Themed to "orange," Disney Springs, and Florida.






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