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With my upcoming trip now thirty days out😲, I thought it would be a good time to get started on my very first pre-trip report! I’ve been a part of the boards for quite a few years now, and I LOVE reading all of your reports, but I’ll admit, I’ve always been a little intimidated about writing one of my own. Inspired by some of my favs, I’ve realized that making a TR is a great way to commemorate a trip, both in writing and in memory, so, here goes nothing!...

Who: Myself (D) and my niece (S)
What: A complete and utter surprise for the best kid around
When: July 8-14
Where: AKL
Why: Last summer, my niece asked to come and spend time with me during her next summer break; to which I, of course, said yes! Given our mutual love of travel, I began thinking of fun places to take her; and what happens to come on television but a Disney World commercial. Her mother and I apparently had the same idea, because we looked at each other and started nodding our heads like something out of a movie. While having been to Universal multiple times, she has never been to WDW (and has been dying to go since she’s been old enough to talk)! From there, I started looking into logistics, broke it down for her parents, and started the ball rolling. The best part, you ask? MY NIECE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA!!!! As far as she knows, she’s just coming to hang out with me for a week.

The plan thus far is to take her out for a day on the town, get our nails done and go to dinner. The ruse is to tell her that we're going to hang out with some friends in Florida, and we have to leave early for our flight; this way we can have clothes laid out and the suitcases by the door without giving too much away.

So begins the tale of me, a 30something childfree Millennial, traveling with my tween-age niece to the most magical place on earth. If I can complete my graduate degree in the midst of a global lockdown, I can handle this, right?...right??? Ladies and gentlemen, pray for us both!
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First trips are so special! Enjoy!

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