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We were there in that timeframe and it was warm. Highs around 80 and lows around 60. (and probably other sites) have ways to look at average temps and precipitation. I mainly remember not needing a jacket and being comfortable at night and I get cold easily.


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For example what it was last year same time. It’s really a nice time to be there...still gets a little warm during the day, cools off at night, less rain.


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Variable. It might be nice, it might be a bit chilly/cool. I have been where it was a bit of a roller coaster. Simply showing high/lows isn't quite a complete picture IMO, because that time of year temps tend to drop quickly in the evening or it can be a bit breezy. YMMV, but for us that typically =wearing long pants, especially at night. Some days probably swim weather, but maybe not every day.


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I was there at that time 2 years ago. The days were gorgeous, even just a little warm at times, but definitely not uncomfortable. If you're a rope dropper or a late nighter, you'll want a jacket or some way to keep warm. You'll be glad you had one.

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