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Hello friends! Well it has finally arrived and the five of us are packed up and headed to Disney World for a mega trip. We are on the road now and stopping in Columbia, South Carolina for the night. (Max we also have 2 ToyotasšŸ˜)We left a little later than we wanted to because our 2 cats, sensing our departure, escaped outside.

The cast is the same as usual, my crazy Disney family, my husband, Den, my oldest son Hunter, 18, middle child Camden, 11, Brinley, 7 and me, Deighton! Hunter graduated from highschool on June 2 and is doing a year at community College to get his prerequisites out of the way. Our extended trip is his graduation present. (His choice! Who am I to say no.) Plenty of details to come! Happy Thursday everyone! Woohoo!!



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Our original plan until 2 weeks ago was to leave June 10 and arrive in Disney on the 11th. Well I ended up getting June 8th and 9th off so why stay home I said to Den with a wicked smile! Den can work remotely. Then we debated about where to go with the extra days and Port Orleans Riverside won. POFQ will forever be my Disney home but we out grew it so I am super excited for 2 nights near there.

Next we head to the Boardwalk for an 8 night stay. Then off to the Vistana in Disney Springs for 5 nights. We leave on June 24 and drive to Charlotte and will visit with my brother and his family. June 25 is home again, home again!
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Firstā€¦!!!!!!! :joyfull:
Looking forward to the restā€¦!!!!! :hilarious:

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You are the winner! Thanks for following!
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Safe travels and have a great trip!
Thanks!! Just pray everyone stays healthy!
@littleroo , looking forward to your TR!
Thanks so much!! So far the kids are quiet...
So excited to follow along!!
Thanks so much!
Sounds like fun!! Congratulations to Hunter!!
Safe travels!!
Also, I was so excited to be first I forgot to offer congrats to the graduateā€¦!!!!! :hilarious: :)

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Hunter says thanks!!!


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I'm in! Have a great trip! Congrats to Hunter on his graduation, he picked a great present! My HS & college graduation gift from my parents was a trip to WDW too, that was many moons ago though.
I offered him one week in Disney and then a large check. He picked Disney and I was so proud of him when he responded with, I know my life is going to change drastically from now on and want to spend quality time with all of us together ā¤

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