Pre-Trip We are going back!

First order of business - I am not making light of Covid-19. My entire family has had it and has recovered. Myself, Val, Sterg and Toni caught it from a family member that was in NYC way back in March. Val had it the worse - fever and in bed for a week. I was asymptomatic, Sterg felt "a little" under the weather and Toni lost the sense of taste for a few days. Alexandra, my oldest, caught it in Las Vegas during one of her stints as a traveling nurse. She was also asymptomatic but had to self-quarantine.

So Covid-19 has had an impact on my family. Additionally, my 92 year old Aunt tested positive in March but fully recovered. Sadly we could not see her. The best we could do was knock on the window of her room and wave as we stood between the bushes. She unfortunately passed away a couple weeks ago from congestive heart disease ( the Doctors gave her 3 months to live - almost 18 months ago!).

Second order of business - (most of) the Fractal family is going back to Disney World! I made reservation under convention rates late last year. Little did I know what was to transpire. After the Covid-19 outbreak, the convention was cancelled. However -
Disney still honored the reservation and under the convention rates which were a fraction of off the shelf rates. We have reservations at the new Destino Towers at Coranado Springs Resort from July 21st through the 26th!

The room however only sleeps 4 which is a problem when you have a family of 5. After our last trip, my wife Val proclaimed that she was never going back to Disney. I made these reservation under that directive but currently it's causing some "angst".
Needless to say, I'm committed to going back and my children are thrilled beyond belief. I want to see the new Star Wars land - even if I have to don a mask - and want to ride Mickey's runaway train at DHS, not to mention Toy Story Land!

Alex has taken off - her new assignment is in Columbia South Carolina, and Sterg and Toni are game.

Here they are from last Christmas with their "HI" hats. Hi is a weird thing in our family. If I say I'm going to get a fountain drink from Wawa the response could go something like this; "Hi fountain drink". If I say I'm going for a run after work I may expect this response; "Hi running after work." Almost anything is game for a "HI" comment.

More to come!
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On the Tragical. Great trip overall. I took over 2,000 pics and can't wait to start sharing along with some stories!



Thanks for sharing live - it’s been fun. And tomorrow I‘ll get to experience firsthand how DLP is dealing with tjr reopening.
On the Tragical. Great trip overall. I took over 2,000 pics and can't wait to start sharing along with some stories!

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Thanks for sharing live. My kids and grandkids are there now. My wife and I are high risk so we chose to stay home this trip. Looking forward to your insight and pictures in the full TR.


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Looking forward to the full trip report! My April trip was rescheduled to next week but we had to reschedule that to November. I'm missing Disney so I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos and now, hopefully, trip reports (at least until my husband starts working from home again and takes over the computer desk LOL). Looks like yall had so much fun!
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