WDW literally falling apart


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See, that’s it…the doom & groomers will have you believe that a hurricane that Disney just went through would have destroyed whole buildings on property. It’s not the infrastructure that’s failing, it’s the details…the trim, paint, lightbulbs, etc. THATS what is falling through the cracks. We as super fans will notice that instantly…the guests that go once every 5-10 years or first timers won’t know or won’t prioritize it the way we do.
I wonder, now that Ian is gone, did the rest of the building or the rest of the facade at HWD fall down? I haven’t heard one peep about it…hmmmm…
Nobody has said or alluded to anything close to that. There are ways by which buildings fail and a singular event tells you very little.


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Maybe WDW could keep PeopleMover open while totally refurbing SM by building bypass track that keep PM out of SM altogether. Unlikely since it costs $$$$ but doable.
The tracks run side by side going into and out of SM. That would be an impossibly tight 180. Plus, I think the maintenance spur is inside SM. Ain’t gonna happen.


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Imagineering is clearly the only department that underestimates how much free money guests will provide
Up until 3 years ago it was the other way around! WDW gave money away to guests if they were smart enough to read carefully. The following image is from 2019, but (I think) it was still in MK in early 2020. Sadly, it is now gone:

Ah how WDW has changed!


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RATS! I missed out on this one! I always tried to get free stuff from Disney when at all possible! ;)
Of course we never did it, but we joked about maybe spending a day seeing how much money we could get out of it.

At less than $.02 per dollar, it would take a while just to get $10, but it would have been somewhat funny to try.


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Arrow coasters don't age well. I won't ride wdw space mountain anymore, but I will EE,Slinky, GoG, and Thunder.
Arrow didn’t build Space, WDW did in house. BTMRR is an Arrow, it runs great. Arrow rides don’t really change with age, if they are bad they stay bad but the good ones (Lockness Monster, Magnum, Tennessee Tornado, multiple mine trains) stay good.

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