WDW Haunted Mansion Graveyard Ghosts Getting New Paint Jobs


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How can you paint something that's already dead? /sarcasm


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Just being realistic.

In that case; I guess Hatbox can go were Connie currently resides. Connie can could go near the window with Man in Web being a "suitor" trapped in the Black Widow Bride's web. Get it? Sigh. I really dislike Constance. Shame she had to go and ruin the mansion. I miss the old attic.


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I missed that one. I had Smurfette for most of my childhood.

Bring back intentionally scary AA's! I want my OG bride and the demon mermaids for PotC, dammit!

Speaking of Smurfette...I paid her a visit at the Walt Disney Archives! They had an exhibit featuring her and some attic props that were removed in 2007. This was for the mansion's 50th anniversary.

bride candle.jpg
bride face.jpg
bride flowers.jpg
bride front.jpg
full bride.jpg


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If you've been visiting WDW's Haunted Mansion over the past year, you may have noticed that many of the graveyard ghosts have been receiving new coats of paint. Their 2007 green is being changed to blue, and the ghosts that have already been repainted look great! Ever since early 2019, a couple ghosts have been getting removed at a time, returning a few months later with their new coats. The lighting and scrims have also been getting adjusted.

Here are some screenshots I took from a YouTube video that was recorded by Attractions Tube in March, where you can see the work that's been done. You can see the ghosts that have been repainted and those that haven't, and how a couple are temporarily gone. The following ghosts have been repainted: headless knight, la-la singer, flute player, harp player, bagpipe player, king, queen, princess, and executioner. The following ghosts have been gone as of March 15: drummer and opera singers.

View attachment 462472View attachment 462473View attachment 462474View attachment 462475View attachment 462476

Screenshots are from this video:

The graveyard has really been in need of some TLC and I'm glad my beloved ghosts are getting the touch - ups they deserve. Now because of how construction projects have been halted during the parks' closure, I am assuming that mansion work has also been temporarily put to a stop.

Awesome to see!
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