Warranty Sticklers?


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Hey all,

Anyone have and experience dealing with dealerships and warranty repairs? The engine on my car suddenly blew out and towed it to a dealership. Turns out there's this common issue with my model that the company agreed to cover related damages in a lawsuit. First we were quoted a huge number for an entire engine swap, but after much back and forth with head office, they never fully admitted it was known issue related, but they agreed to cover parts and we just pay labour, about 2k. We say fine go ahead, a week later dealership calls back and says they opened it up and the problem was somewhere else (though still related to the known issue) and its going to be an extra 2k. Dealership manager says he tried repeatedly to get head office to cover these costs but they refused. Then he adds on, there's an issue somewhere else that might become a problem and to fix it now would be another 2k. They wont let me talk to the corporate manager directly, but is there anything I could do? Should I keep arguing its all connected to the known issue? Should I get a lawyer? Should I argue that we bought the extended warranty that took us to 100k and now the car is around 102k so cant they give us coverage?

tl;dr engine breaks over likely known common problem, head office never admits that is what happened but says they will cover 2k on whats adding up to 6-8k repair. Also the car is barely over its extended warranty kilometers.
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