News Walt Disney World's Minnie Van service confirmed to return summer 2022

Chip Chipperson

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Disney opens up Accessible Minnie Van service to any Walt Disney world guest​

On one hand, that will make it easier for larger groups to get a Minnie Van. On the other, it could make it harder for those who need the accessible van to actually get one. I wonder if they have data indicating that the accessible vans aren't being requested often enough to justify not offering them to everyone.


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DW is in a w/c and the Minnie Van really helped us on the last trip we were on when it was available. Bus space is sometimes very limited because of all the scooters guests are using now. Booking the van in advance gave us assuredness that we could get to a reserved site on time. We used the service multiple times. A nice feature that we are glad came back. But I would hope those who really need it due to disability have the spots available.

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