News Walt Disney World's Minnie Van service confirmed to return summer 2022


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So what about the parking lot trams?
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Now how about making the new fleet electric.
Maybe that's the plan to get up and running with what's left of the current inventory and phase it out to be replaced with electric vehicles. Though as far as I know, all current electric vehicles are pretty small.


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A revenue stream returning after removing DME? Color me shocked.

It’s a decent service but don’t pretend it’s not solving a problem TDO created.
I look at DME as the anomalous period. I went to WDW many times before DME existed, and the problem of traveling between WDW and the airport was always there. Third parties offered solutions that you had to pay for. DME eliminated the problem for awhile, but now we're back to third parties that you have to pay for. With Minnie-vans, Disney is offering something like the third-party services, but in branded vehicles.

So Disney isn't creating the problem -- they have just decided no longer to solve it for everybody.


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So they're only bringing it back (for now at least) for trips to and from the airport? Not around property? The tiktok doesn't seem to specify that.

Where are you seeing anything in regards to that? My assumption is that they would be used mostly for around property, but could also be used to/from the airport. I am skeptical that airport trips were a substantial part of the utilization before (though of course DME existed).

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