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Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend


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Yep, my niece was there May 8-10 for a big one (her team finished 6th in the top level at the Cheerleading Worlds competition!). Edit: Just did some googling and, apparently, they had the World Dance Competition May 6-7 too.

WWoS has an event calendar here: https://www.espnwwos.com/events/#date=2021|view=list

Congrats to her squad!

Thanks for posting the calendar....I'll know when to avoid WDW.


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I heard the WWoS CMs have not yet been recalled. Maybe someone with insider knowledge can chime in on that. If true it's getting late.

Yep it is beyond the time for signups, although I believe it was like 2018, or 2019 when they were having tech issues that we signed up in June or July?

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