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News Walt Disney World leadership reshuffle sees changes at the top of three of the parks


Not without completely new leadership. Walt’s company is dead. I don’t mean to sound despairing. I’ve accepted this fact and will enjoy the remaining good stuff as long as I can. :)

Less experienced fans will continue defending bad decisions with a creepy, questionable religious faith based on an entertainment company. The rest of us will just have to remember how much more magic used to be there before the late Iger era.
I couldn't agree more with this. The magic is fading but as long as the attendance numbers are strong, nobody cares. The current management has their marching orders and I don't see that changing.

I have great memories going back to the mid 70's as a child and then with my own children through 2015. I saw what was happening, sold my DVC and moved on. I went for a one day visit to the MK with my brother in 2019. We had a good time but found ourselves talking more about what used to be than what was new and exciting.

I still keep an eye on what is happening at WDW but I have no plans to visit any time soon.

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