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News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022


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I don't dislike the song, it (as so much) just doesn't have the oomf. If Frozen was needed, I would have rather had a really cool rendition of Vuelie with a unique, wintery light version.

Though my personal choice would have been a revival of some of the Lights of Winter's best songs on SSE for... you know... the park's 40th... But, hey, nothing says nostalgia like a moderately received 2017 film short...

And, I do agree it is a very nice song and use in the MK fireworks and the Singalong.


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The Candlelight Processional has finally had changes to the script and a few of the arrangements. It really did improve the show in my opinion and the show closes with Let There Be Peace On Earth.
Did that version sound a little like the POE Tag? Or is it a new arrangement? It's certainly not the 80's/90's Stage Version WDW used back then....
I would assume that "When We're Together" took the place of "Be Our Guest" and there's now a rotation every 10 minutes of:
  • When We're Together
  • 40th Show (Epcot Forever lite)
  • 50th Show (Beacons of light)

The 50th show (mostly dialogue) has been gone for a while.

It’s currently
- Festival show
- EPCOT 40th
- EPCOT Anthem by Pinar Toprak


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Good lord, that song is dreadful, imo. Wouldn’t necessarily hate Frozen being there if it were good. Obviously, Bobby & Kristin Anderson-Lopez were busy. Apologies to @MisterPenguin and others who love it.

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