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Has anyone brought walkie talkies to the parks before ? I am thinking of buying a set and taking them with us. I just have to get the best ones with the longest range. Any recommendations ???? And how far they reach ?


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Maybe it is better now that cell phones are so much more common but in the past (before everyone had a cell phone) when taking walkie talkies to parks they have been useless. So many other people had them that the air waves were in constant use on every frequency and we were unable to use them for any useful communication. You'd be better off using phones. If not everyone in your group has an active phone give them cheap or old devices capable of messaging and use the WiFi.


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We did back in 1999 & 2000 but now we use cell phones to communicate. They weren’t anything special and found they were good from front of park to the back but not in some ride buildings.


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Back in the day, I saw a lot of them (this was before the iPhone), but now thanks to smart phones that need seems to be mitgated quite a bit. I did see a couple of families with them, and its not a bad idea, but I think mostly phones have replaced that need.


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Used them at the beach when we were kids. It was fun listening in on other channels. Every once in a while we would get a trucker's voice coming through. I swear those guys talk in code.


If a few people don't have their own smartphone, you can buy a prepaid one pretty inexpensively. If you use android products, just turn on map sharing and you'll be able to see where everyone is in real time.

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Since everyone is using phones now you should be fine as long as you are outside. Look for a set with at least one mile range. Advantage of WT is they are quicker. Some disadvantages would be conversations are not private, probably won't work well indoors, generally bulkier, may not be rechargeable.


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Plus if you walked around with walkie talkies, I'd ask you if you were security. Better to just text. Less attention drawn to yourself.
I was thinking the same thing -- plus, if the OP forgets to turn them off while on attractions, they run the risk of having their experience and others' plagued by noisy interruptions. If one needs to be in such constant contact with their party that texting won't do, why not stay together?


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We saw many in use a long long looong time ago. I cant remember seeing any walkie talkies in use anywhere for many years. I'm not a tecchie giuy but even I've been using cell phone & texting for several years now when I'm contacting DW or friends in the parks.


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Breaker Breaker ! 19 theres a bear in a clown suit up ahead. better get a bogey and get to steppin.
Ha! My late father was a truck driver. When I went on a couple of trips with him as a kid, the cb radio would always go off with some guy shouting profanities. However, it being "trucker" talk, I still didn't understand a darn word because they sounded so muffled.


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For me texting is almost useless in the parks. I get horrible service...My husband has At&t and has great service...CSpire on the other hand is garbage...:mad: So I wouldn't mind using a walkie talkie...:cautious:
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