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Vow renewal

Ryan Fallon

New Member
Original Poster
Hey everyone! I'm hoping someone on here has an idea that I haven't thought of yet. My husband and i are planning our first family trip to Disney with our children and our in laws.. We thought it would be a really fun idea to surprise everyone with a vow renewal ceremony. We spent our honeymoon in Disney and we will be going over our anniversary anyway. All we want is to have someone remarry us and then be on our way. Nothing crazy or fancy. I looked at the packages they offer but its just way more than we were looking for (we don't need a limo or a musician or flowers). I read that people who do not go through Disney get banned from the park. Being a "Disney family" that is the last thing i want to happen. We are staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge and our friend is already ordained. Can we go through the resort and just ask if we could do something real quick? I appreciate all the help with this guys! Have a magical day!!


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I am not much help other than suggesting maybe you call AKL and inquire?
Just wanted to say congratulations, have a great family trip, and hope you get the vow renewal you're hoping for!