News Victoria & Albert’s awarded MICHELIN Star


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What year was that? Just curious. Last time we went was 2015 and it was $135 for the prix fixe and maybe? $65 for the pairings. I remember fairly clearly (we did the wine pairings) that is was $480 with tip and my wife telling me don't be cheap and just do $500. I was like "how is 20 percent cheap?" , but I did $500 as instructed. Second highest tip I have ever given for the two of us.
When we went in December, 2020, the total bill for the two of us was $842 and we didn't even do any wine pairings. That included tax and gratuity. Also, I think I remember it being called a 10-course dinner.


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It was closed from 3/15/2020 to 7/28/2022
I was wondering why the dining area didn't seem very crowded. :D

I just found my special Disney badge for that visit. It was our 34th anniversary, so that means we went there in December, 2019.


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