Unpopular opinion: the new lighting on Spaceship Earth is bad


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The OP is allowed to be wrong that is what makes these boards fun. The new lighting is Great and makes SSE an attraction both on the inside and the outside.

My wish would have been to have kept the fountain of nations, updated the fountain and lighting tech with the addition of a water screen IN ADDITION to the new SSE lights.

What a show that would have been.
Especially when a hose breaks loose in the fountain..


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You forgot one....Don't worry..I'll take care of it.....😎
I have to say, I did not like the wand or the tomb stones either.


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Did you notify a cast member after you got off? Unless someone tells them things like this they don't know there's a problem and those lights remain on. I rode it yesterday (10/30) and everything seemed fine.
No, I honestly assumed they knew and put them on intentionally for something. oops


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I can understand the opinion - not everything can be liked by everyone.

I like it mostly because it’s different than, let’s say, a projection cast on SSE. They use that enough now.

Ok. Maybe a giant eyeball projection that just stares at you. I’d approve that.


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I think dimmer points of light would yield a better SSE illumination. As is, it a bit too stark. I definitely get the carnival connotation. Too showy. With SSE, I think less is more. You're already working with a cool structure. Subtlety so as not to compete with the texture is best, imo. I dare say even projections are too overwhelming unless they're mapped to work with the design.


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It's a good addition and looks great when it does it's light show..But, I just really want it to sync with the nighttime show this way you have two sides to enjoy something while the score plays.

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