Unnecessary harsh treatment of children in public spaces at WDW


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Do you even know what I was addressing??Let's refresh what I call absurd.

Another poster gave us this:
""Well, it’s like criticizing someone’s driving when you’ve never driven before""

If someone is driving under the influence of drugs or endangering others by the way he drives then anybody witnessing such danger has standing to criticize ---yes, anyone even those without a driving license.
Yes anyone who witnesses something is considered an outsider into a situation therefore their view is perceived differently so saying it is absurd is not true either in this case as it depends on the situation because if we are talking about parents that are going extreme on their kids that is when I think the driving reference implies example: beating/child abuse so it really depends and goes back to the initial intent of the person writing the question discussion topic in the first place. the quote you were referencing that was originally listed showed something different when I viewed it which made it seem you were saying that people with kids are indeed going to extreme on their kids on purpose. My question for the original poster is the intention of the post what to the original poster is considered extreme?
I was with you until the last paragraph. It is way over stated that negative will cause major problem later in life. All of this, either positive or negative will have future problems if overdone and not with the judgment it takes to decide which one is the most effective at the moment of need. My generation was given "positive" rewards for doing things that were expected of us. We didn't get participation trophies. We earned our rewards and our less then ideal negativity. I know that my kids did well and were always well behaved (at least after the first time they met with negative the first time they misbehaved). I'm not talking about beating a child physically, (btw, a slap on the butt is not the same as beating) but setting out what is expected of them and they will do what is necessary to get the positive reinforcement.

However, like adults, each child is different in personalities. I have a grandson who when he was little you could actually see his mind working as he decided what was worth the punishment and what wasn't. Since he was not my problem I found it comical. The kid is still quick witted and will test at every inch of the way. He is 18 now and still has a personality that is intriguing. He will take chances if he thinks it will be alright, but he also is one of kindest, sincerely sympathetic young men I have ever known. He never fails to make me laugh. What a piece of work. He cares about his parents, wants to make them proud, but if he thinks he is right about something he can be like a giant tree and is unmovable. His lifetime has been a constant exposure of negative from his Dad, especially when it came to sports. But, over the years he has developed a "water off a ducks back" attitude who knew he was pretty talented, and his Dad was just a perfectionist when it came to that stuff. With that, because it was extreme and long lived his dad will suffer a detachment because he no longer is willing to accept the negative. That is the payback that bad parents get. Sad, but understandable, but still only if it is extreme. Negative reinforcement in an isolated situation like visiting a theme park is not something that will carry over to adulthood. Over reaction to that will usually result in under reaction when it is to the benefit of all those involved.
Nicely said agree with you


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I disagree with this actually. I've known what I consider to be bad parents who have taken their kids to WDW, the difference is that they're not doing it for the kids, they're doing it for themselves. It's evident in everything that they do while they're there.

If they could have found someone to watch them, they wouldn't have been there at all.
Didnt those awful people who tormented their children (like a dozen of them and I believe locked them up in cages) used to take the kids to Disneyland? Case in point!


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Not enough people offer to help. Parenting is overwhelming at times, and help can be so appreciated.

Engage the kid in conversation. Suggest a game. Offer to hold some food or whatever so mom or dad has a couple hands free to talk to the kid. Give a funny comment to mom like "this is why I drink so much coffee" to help diffuse their frustration. If you happen to have purse games bring them out. Or simply ask the parent "is there any way I can help?" because sometimes just knowing someone is willing to help is enough.

This would could use more people who are helpful.
That is just going to encourage kids to act like little demon spawns because there are no real consequences for their actions. Some kids the only way you can reach them is by yelling and spanking. I would much rather see parents trying to do something about their kids bad behavior than just ignoring it. Some kids a light repremand works , some you have to go full tilt crazy on them before they stop.
So I agree with the parents saying you need to discipline kids when they are doing the act especially young kids. Even my teenager immediately works better, of course now it’s stop x or you’ll be grounded, etc. Saying you should wait until you are back to your hotel is ridiculous.

Could I feel uncomfortable when near a stranger discipling their child sure.

But I have lots more tolerance for a parent disciplining their child in public than I do children miss behaving and parents doing nothing. The examples of kids climbing things they shouldn’t at Disney and the parent does nothing or tells kid to stop but they don’t and the parent does nothing.
I love when I’m on a plane and a kid is kicking the back of my seat, or putting the tray table up and down nonstop. I turn around and their is the parent ignoring their behavior!!! That bothers me!


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It's interesting that most people here feel a child's temper tantrum should not be tolerated, yet we seem to condone it in the country's leaders.
We have no control over that except every 4 years (for now). We tolerate only because other then extreme violence we have no choice. But, like with many kids, any calm attempt to stifle that behavior falls on deaf ears.

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I am not surprised this happens... its a bad combination.. the family is spending a lot of money so they are trying to squeeze in too much in one day, now comes the heat and top that with kids that are totally off schedule (naps, meals and such), all this leads to a melt down down for the children followed by an exhausted frustrated parent. I always watched to see how the kids were holding up and if we had to sit under a tree while they napped so be it, and it was a good mental break for us as well..
This is why we rocked the stroller, could they walk? Sure, and the did most of the time, we would park it out of the way and walk around, then go to it and they would nap while we just walked around.


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More often than not, when visiting the parks I see a parent (or both parents) scolding their young children (including spanking, shaking, yelling, or some other unruly behaviour) while the kid is screaming at the top of his or her lungs. This type of behaviour is totally unnecessary at the happiest place on earth (DL or WDW). Granted, children CAN be a handful at times on vacation, and yes, sometimes they may deserve scolding, but I don't think the parent should be doing this in public spaces in the parks where everyone walking by can witness it. If at all, I plead with parents NOT to hit their children, but wait until they can get to a secluded area or back in the hotel and then calmly tell their children what they did wrong.

Most kids don't understand what they did wrong, so it's up to the parent to tell them, and remind them that it's not satisfactory to do whatever they did. Most times I think it's a combination of the hot weather, walking long distances, and hunger that makes a kid become unruly. We usually don't interfere because a) it's not our kid who is misbehaving and b) we don't want to be told to mind our own business by the kid's parent. Many of us don't like confrontation, but some of us can't stand the sight of someone berating their kid. The kid is only naturally curious, is a growing human being and of course he or she is going to make mistakes. I just think there is no place for this kind of thing while everyone is watching.
I agree with some of this statement. I will also say that a trip to Disney can be very trying as a parent. Not saying I condone the actions that you mentioned, but I understand.
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