Universal Puts Disney's Reopening on Defensive

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  • Original Opening date as August 31 (I was most recently told the gear up would begin in the last week of June with a public opening in the week following the 4th of July)
  • "Mask Relief Areas," at least the way described by @WDW Pro were not on the table. Any potential relief area would use a much bigger space, with a couple of other quirks

At the end of the day, both Disney and SeaWorld were thrown for a loop by UOR opening on June 1. In fact, I'm a bit disappointed that three levels of clearance would approve this, especially when their proposal had some glaring omissions. I doubt we see anyone in a WDW park before the halway point of June (if rushed), but more likely July.
Looks like you were spot on.


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July 11th?? Shoot. If I wasn’t impatient for info our trip would have been perfectly fine on the 13th.


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Universal’s really sticking their neck out and could put themselves in a very bad position. It’s in Disney’s best interest to wait as long as possible.
Please explain how Universal is "sticking their neck out and putting themselves in a very bad position".


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Question from the council: What are the repercussions for non-compliance?

Disney's answer: Mask are required. Have not encountered issues at DS. Will be implementing relaxation zones around the parks for a brief reprise from wearing the masks.

Sea World: Optimistic that people will comply.
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