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Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom to introduce a character dinner


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I guess that means that things like my 5:30pm "lunch" reservations I have on Sunday will just officially be renamed dinner, and likely cost more.


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Yeah, I didn't realize tomorrow was the 18th. I guess I need to get on that Christmas shopping.

They didn't say how late it will be open, is this retirement style where you start dinner at 4:30? or are they actually open later?

Retirement style ? Not everyone lives the same time schedule and normal is subjective.

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Interestingly, DLR has far few character meals than WDW (naturally given the respective sizes) but one of them is an animal themed one at Storytellers Cafe at the Grand Cali. It does seem that something similar that would make sense at DAK (or, alternatively, at AKL at least)

It seems such a natural fit for DAK.

There are plenty of 'Character Meal friendly' animal friends that could appear for such a thing.
I am not really seeing the point of why those in charge of such things are insisting on offering pretty much the SAME two dozen or so characters at all WDW Character Meals.
No matter where you dine, you see pretty much the same ones.
I would think offering differently themed character meals, with truly 'different characters' would not only encourage Guests to spend out for a meal they might not have been enticed to otherwise, but encourage MORE then one Character Meal per visit.

We of course already have that in place to some degree with the Princess themed Meals at MK and Epcot...and Pooh & Friends over at the Crystal Palace.
But i am referring more to mixing up the 'standard' Character Meal offerings.

If DAK had something unique, that would be a plus.
Guests can already dine with Donald and other 'Fab Five' tied friends in several other locations already.
Would enjoy seeing something...'different' added to the mix.

How awesome would a 'Jungle Adventure' type of meal be...with friends from the Jungle Book, Tarzan, Brother Bear, etc.
That would be worth experiencing.


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4:30 sounds more like "Parents with Toddler-style"! We eat dinner early because the kids do (and go to bed early) and because we don't want the boys to annoy those who eat later, when restaurants are more crowded.

I'm an early morning person so lunch is at 11, dinner about 6 hours later. Breakfast is about the time young urban/suburbanites are going to bed.

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