News Tropical Storm Nicole impacts to Walt Disney World - November 2022

No. I only watched the radar off and on for hours, tracking the storm as it made its way across Florida, not to mention checking weather stations in and around the property. I'm sure that provided zero pertinent weather information for the area. :rolleyes:

I'll bet you would have thought the parks should have been opened the afternoon after Ian came through because, "it looks fine to me, no storm here!". Have a magical day.
Ok so you were not here. The weather was FINE.


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I was told from guest services in the chat that the reservation system will be the same as it is everyday just the return windows will be for after the park opens. Which probably means less lightning lanes and virtual que passes will be given out. Best of luck to you.
Thanks! We got a reservation at around 3pm, so worked out well! :)

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