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What a terrible ride...went for the first time today and such a let down from the original! Half of the ride you are just passing through blank screens and not understanding what is actually going on. Many people lose interest in their cars halfway through the ride. No real barrier test. Bumps at beginning and environmental controls are gone. Forget going single rider because you literally have no background or idea on what is happening, just there for the speed at the end. Seriously Disney what were you thinking?!


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And don't forget that they promised a fun, interactive, equal experience for everyone - but now shove 2-3 people on a number to "share" a car. Not everyone knows that they can create a car (without a time limit) within the showcase/store area.

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My kid loves the ride, and always wants to ride it. She enjoys making the car and going fast at the end, so I endure it. I just keep hoping once there is a Tron coaster, maybe they will remove the overlay and make it good again...maybe even better. Is that too much optimism?


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I rode the original once, not worth the wait in line. The new one is a must do multiple times each trip. My family and I love building our own car. Or I just go to California Adventure and ride Radiator Springs Racers, that's how you do Test Track right.

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For us, it went from something we had to do multiple times to something we honestly question doing even if it’s a walk on. The ride has nothing to it anymore. Just an empty vessel to get you to the speed test at the end.
Test Track 2.0 is the perfect example of why I don’t trust Disney with new versions of a ride. If they wanted something new, they should’ve torn it down and started from scratch.


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I like both versions for different reasons. My 11yo loves building the car every single time we go on it. He hated the original. I admit the queue on the original was way too loud so I don't miss that at all.


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Unpopular take: the new TT is *far* Superior to the original. The interactivity makes it much more reridable. The old canned "test track" narrative was dull and made it a one and done per trip. It's my son's favorite attraction in Epcot (and in his top 5 of WDW) and we go on it multiple times per trip now.


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Surprisingly, the audio cues and projections, which was a major reason to go cost effective for the style, work less than the practicel affects did. The test results for each section don't even show cars on the screens half of the rides. The ride can't have more than a few years on it. Too costly without revenue.
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