Tron queue damage


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The guests are peeling the vinyl stickers from the wall. An unfortunate but frequent occurrence these days. If their grubby little claws can reach it, it will be molested.

I watched someone's adorable tax write-off busy at work in Midway Mania and they ignored them until the line moved again aand they promptly told them to discard the ripped portion on the ground.


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This is sad - how people don't respect things. It ends up costing us all - for repairs and/or losing nice details. I was on a cruise and saw kids vandalizing halloween decor while parents looked on. Same for how nice furniture was treated like a jungle gym. I get it - it's vacation. But if you wouldn't want it done to your own things, you shouldn't allow it to be done at a public place, no matter what you paid for the experience or think you're entitled to.


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Well, we can't change people. They're going to do what they're going to do (sadly).

So there's no use in saying it's the guests fault, even though it TECHNICALLY is. But with the inevitable in mind, it's Disney's fault, for knowing how guests behave and knowing they probably shouldn't have cheaped out on the queue.


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Visiting many large cities in my time, Americans certainly love to vandalize with spray paint.

Yes indeed……I’ve seen countless amount of graffiti and random sprays; the greater LA area is one free for all canvas. I’ve seen Kansas City, St Luis, Miami, Philly and naturally NYC…..San Fran and San Diego first hand sightings there also.

Europe sees spray paint as the blight covers Paris, too. And Germany and Ireland have it going on as well.

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