News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

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Have we heard confirmation one way or the other whether Tron is going to bump Mine Train into Genie+ or if they're going to run two ILL attractions at Magic Kingdom?

With the lower hourly ride capacity, broader appeal, and lower height requirement, it probably makes more sense to keep ILL at 7DMT.

According to Google 7DMT’s capacity is only 1200 people per hour and 38” height, Tron’s is 1700 people per hour and 48” height, in the long term 7DMT probably needs it more.


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Next week they vs Avengers Campus bowling League, and they often get confused, they are tired of it, and are willing to drop the bumpers to prove it.

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Gotta love how they are making this out to be a "groundbreaking" new ride... its existed for years Disney, this is just a copy and paste. Nothing groundbreaking here besides your absolute failure in getting this ride built in any reasonable timeframe.

Okay your now Disney.

How would you market it?

“Oh nothing to see here, just a boring coaster that the majority of you didn’t know already existed in Shanghai, but surprise, it does, so this is lame, and don’t book a trip”


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