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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

I think there was a better, more recent photo but do we know if there will be a set of doors into the shop on this side of the building or is there some back of house in the way?



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Spring Break season should start in earnest the middle of March (probably 3/11 as a soft start) and will go through the middle of April (4/16 being the Sunday after Easter).

Seems odd to me that they'd open any date in that time range with Spring Break crowds on top of them whilst trying to operationally break in a new attraction and when they don't need to draw additional guests.

3/1 or 5/1 would seem like better bets.


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It's an odd situation with attempting to link to Flynn's. Do you just slap the name on something that doesn't look anything like the original? Will that feel weird? The original brick building wouldn't fit in Tomorrowland. It feels kinda weird to just call it that. Like it's a low-rent knockoff. Of course, there's not an arcade there anyway.
Agreed, while the brick building would not fit the look of Tomorrowland, I don't think there would necessarily be a need to recreate Flynn's with the facade from the films. Using the existing building would be more of a tribute to the original and creator of the Tron world. If a backstory was needed to justify another iteration of Flynn's, maybe Sam decided to open an arcade after legacy in an old power plant building. They could also host dance parties in the courtyard like at ElecTRONica.


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They’ve been doing that for at least a good decade. They’re not usually backed like this, but many planters are designed with seat walls to provide seating that is not easily removed.
I was thinking they will run a low fence down the center to keep people out of the planting. Bye seating

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