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I’m going on a trip starting on April 28 through May 7. Does anyone know the possibility of that happening because of the virus and the park closures. If anyone has any ideas please help me.


At the moment we simply don't know, and neither does Disney. I'd like to think you are in with a chance, as we have heard about hopes of a late April target for Disney. But the bottom line is that it is a very fluid situation, and restrictions are changing almost daily.

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We have a trip planned for June 4-14.
Even if the parks are open, I don’t think we will go at that time.
Not for fear of Covid-19.
Just don’t think that WDW will be operating at 100%
Hopefully will go late July/early August, for maximum heat and humidity!:rolleyes:

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I'd say there's a good chance its not happening if Disney sticks to the CDC guidelines of social distancing for 8 weeks.
Maybe if people stay home right now then the guidelines will be reduced.


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If Disney sticks to the 8 week guidelines then they won't be opening until mid-May.

Of course anything could happen. I'm hoping that more places will crack down on people going out. Starting today all of our parks and playgrounds have been tapped up and completely closed. It's so sad, but at the same time I saw several people on Facebook post photos at the playground that was just full of kids and we have at least a few confirmed cases in our township.

Personally I would wait and see how everything goes.

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Universal and Knotts Berry Farm are opening on 19 of April, it Is very unlikely that Disney World will not be open around this time. Ultimately, they are in it for the money. They might not be fully staffed, ( college interns and international employees that work in Epcot) but they might be open. Disney has to give employees at least a weeks notice before coming back to work, so we will find out soon enough. Orange county, which Disney World occupies, has a stay at home order effective until April 9, so it won’t open before then. If anyone has any thought, comments, or suggestions, please post and let me know. Also, thanks for all of the insightful replies. They mean a lot to me. It’s always good to hear others thoughts on a situation.


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Re: Repost from one of my responses on another thread:

I just received an email from Disney offering a free dining plan with stays starting June 1. I am thinking they are fairly certain that they will be open by then. I cannot take advantage of it because I have an AP. :rolleyes: However, this might be good news for me since I have a reservation in early June and another in mid-July. :D

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