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Trip Report Trip Report

Day One...

The night was sultry. Bags were packed. Gas tank was full. Wife was asleep. I sipped on an ice cold seltzer while pondering how @lostpro9het would judge me for not drinking a donut chocolate stout, but moreso I pondered an appropriate time to leave in the morning and head to Orlando.

Several hours later we were on the road.


Pit stop in Gainesville at Maple Street Biscuit.


We left Maple Street and we're getting quite amped up to be arriving at WDW soon and C decided to crank some tunes. @Zipitidoda aptly pointed out our music choice in my PTR. We'll done, ma'am.


Fun fact. C got a little too "turnt" and turned the radio up quickly and the speakers in the truck sounded as if they had blown. It's a new truck and warranty would cover it so we weren't worried but it still sucked. Kid N Play is our jam. Either way, we were in good spirits because shortly after, this was the view.

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