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Trip Planning/Report... 3/29-4/7 2013


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This is my first draft for our planning of our first of 5 visits to WDW in 2013. Yes I am a horrible planner... and I did not even get my first ADR until today. But we visit a lot and the truth is I am happy by the pool as long as I am in Walt Disney World. :) WE have 4 kids 10,15,17,19 all of which are I am happy to say getting to come with us on this trip... :) WE are RESORT HOPPING (by choice) 3 times. Any POSTIVE impute is greatly appreciated.. :)

Day 1 Leave NC at 12:00 Midnight arrive at 8:00 A.M at the Boardwalk Villas-
Spend most of the day relaxing by the pool. Unpacking and picking up groceries for the week.
Evening at Epcot.. We will walk on over and find a CS to eat at. Looking for suggestions... :)
Day 2 Headed to Hollywood Studios. No ADRs Yet.. Still deciding if we will do a CS or not. Dinner at Beaches and Cream.. No after dinner plans yet.
Day 3 (This is where most people I know think my vacation planning is nuts!) We are going to switch Resorts and head to Saratoga Springs. Morning we will relax then head to Earl of Sandwich for a Late Lunch. Go over to Disney Quest for a little while.. then head to Magic Kingdom.
Day 4 Day Water park- CS lunch. Evening- By request from my daughters I am Bringing my 15 and 17 year old daughters to Cinderella's Castle for a Late Dinner (9:35) ouch!!. Note to planners don't wait til you are 6 weeks out... :(
Day 5 Animal Kingdom in the A.M - Dinner Trails End Restaurant Buffet for dinner. My kids love this place.. and the Boat ride over. No plans after.
Day 6 Epcot for the day.. Monorail to MK then dinner at Ohana (8:55) again don't wait until 6 weeks out! :)
Day 7 Free Day.
Day 8 Hotel Hop again... to my favorite Resort Beach Club. Dinner on BW or S&D
Day 9 Free day. May even stay by the pool and go to a HS in the evening.
Day 10. Check out.


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Going on a solo walk to Epcot to say goodbye to the F&G festival :)
Thanks for your posts! It was nice to read along and be with you guys there! Out of all your posts, the one im quoting you on hits the most with me....weve only been to WDW twice so far (april 2010 and april 2012) so the F&G fest. is always going on when we go...its a a great backdrop to our trips...theres nothing like walking through epcot, seeing all the flowers, the colors, the smells, and all the goings on at epcot...I, too "say goodbye" to things at WDW, when we leave a park, or a certain ride for the last time, i always, always take a last look before we go....i just take it all in...we only go every two years so why not do that lol....as of today we have 382 days left! april 26th - May 4th 2014!
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Hey, Sounded like a great trip. So Sorry I disappeared and missed the whole thing :(. Well I do believe you are going again (before me!!!) soon and I'll be sure to keep posted for that one!! Hope you have a ton of wonderful memeories!!!!
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