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Trip Planning/Report... 3/29-4/7 2013


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This is my first draft for our planning of our first of 5 visits to WDW in 2013. Yes I am a horrible planner... and I did not even get my first ADR until today. But we visit a lot and the truth is I am happy by the pool as long as I am in Walt Disney World. :) WE have 4 kids 10,15,17,19 all of which are I am happy to say getting to come with us on this trip... :) WE are RESORT HOPPING (by choice) 3 times. Any POSTIVE impute is greatly appreciated.. :)

Day 1 Leave NC at 12:00 Midnight arrive at 8:00 A.M at the Boardwalk Villas-
Spend most of the day relaxing by the pool. Unpacking and picking up groceries for the week.
Evening at Epcot.. We will walk on over and find a CS to eat at. Looking for suggestions... :)
Day 2 Headed to Hollywood Studios. No ADRs Yet.. Still deciding if we will do a CS or not. Dinner at Beaches and Cream.. No after dinner plans yet.
Day 3 (This is where most people I know think my vacation planning is nuts!) We are going to switch Resorts and head to Saratoga Springs. Morning we will relax then head to Earl of Sandwich for a Late Lunch. Go over to Disney Quest for a little while.. then head to Magic Kingdom.
Day 4 Day Water park- CS lunch. Evening- By request from my daughters I am Bringing my 15 and 17 year old daughters to Cinderella's Castle for a Late Dinner (9:35) ouch!!. Note to planners don't wait til you are 6 weeks out... :(
Day 5 Animal Kingdom in the A.M - Dinner Trails End Restaurant Buffet for dinner. My kids love this place.. and the Boat ride over. No plans after.
Day 6 Epcot for the day.. Monorail to MK then dinner at Ohana (8:55) again don't wait until 6 weeks out! :)
Day 7 Free Day.
Day 8 Hotel Hop again... to my favorite Resort Beach Club. Dinner on BW or S&D
Day 9 Free day. May even stay by the pool and go to a HS in the evening.
Day 10. Check out.


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Great day at HS it was packed but fun... Something happened on R&R and they made us all get off. They said it had to do with a guest. They gave us FP and we went back later. Had lunch at Fairfax... Had the Fairfax salad... It's almost hard to call it a salad with all the chili, cheese, and tortilla chips!! On the boat to BC not sure where we will end up next!!!!
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Our room is wonderful 1st floor near pool... We stopped by for a coconut bar in the gift shop... Then back for more Epcot we are in France... The Bakery refurb is awesome! Nick is doing another mission. Have I mentioned how much I love BC and being able to walk out your door to World Showcase! :)
Thats my favorite entrance to any park in WDW!
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