Tornado Warning Till 10:30am for Walt Disney World


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What do the parks do during threats like this? Do they make announcements and bring everyone inside? Do they evacuate the campground (probably not enough time, I would guess).

Does MK ever bring people into the utilidors, to be safer (like a basement)?

I would think, although it is stormy and you would think that common sense would prevail, many people are in "vacation mode" and simply do not pay attention to dire warnings like this. So, I wonder how the parks and resorts (Disney and other) get the word out.
As far as I know it's never happened, but yes, there is an evacuation procedure in place that if there was a big enough threat of bad weather or anything else, guests would be brought into the tunnel.
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I was witness to a funnel cloud over Epcot in 2001. Found out later the park was evaced into the designated buildings.


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We were on Jingle Cruise and had just left the dock when the rains and thunder started. At the end of the cruise we had to wait maybe five minutes or so by Trader Sam-ta and when we finally docked it turned out we were the last cruise before the storm. They gave us a fast pass good for one of six rides through Nov. 30 and we made a dash to Pirates. After Pirates, we got a few new ponchos and while waiting I got a tornado alert on my phone. The rain was coming down in buckets and a part of the path between Pirates and Frontier Land flooded as water tried to run off. All outdoor rides closed unti almost noon when the lightening threat subsided - just in time for our 7DMTfast pass.

At The Magic Kingdom it was just heavy rain and lightening, no high winds. We did monitor the weather with our weather apps and never felt there was a serious threat at the park


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Jeeze! I just left to get home yesterday or I would have been stuck in that...

My flight left MCO at 8:45 this morning, on time. When I landed and texted my Mom, she said I was lucky to get out when I did. I knew it was raining, but never paid attention outside the window at the terminal to how heavy. When we took off, it was pretty bumpy and the flight attendants were in their seats much longer than usual. Looking at the flight stat page, it looks like my plane made it off the ground by about an hour before the delays started.


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I'll bet you needed a boat (or a Nautilus sub) to get through Tomorrowland. It always floods there during heavy rains.

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