Tomorrowland fireworks dessert party


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I would recommend Fantasmic in that case. It is my all-time favorite of all the attractions at Disney Parks. There are some elements that might scare young children, I've heard, but I have little experience, not being a parent. I just know I love Fantasmic!
It's my favorite too! It's my first visit with my kids and trying to make it extra special for my daughter by figuring out what she will like best. I don't think she will be scared by anything in Fantasmic. She is much more likely to be afraid of a ride than anything "dark/scary" in a show.


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Not only did we splurge on this for me, wife and three small kids, but also got the early morning magic too! With only one day to spend at magic kingdom I think we’ll get to cover just about everything and not have to rush or panic.


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Debating whether to do the (a) HEA dessert party or (b) Fantasmic with my to be 3.5 year old (her first trip). We only have room in the schedule for one of them. Thoughts on which way to go?
Great question!! It's hard because Colin loves all things Disney ... except the night time shows. He has seen both and if I had to pick, I would say Fantasmic. The water and boats and characters are better then the fireworks for him. He really doesn't like the fireworks.


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Hi all I'm new here and I'm planning a big trip for my husband and I 7-1-7-6 and I'm thinking of trying the plaza viewing dessert party our first night there. Can anyone give me insight into whether it's worth the extra money?? Wanted something special for this trip and our first time seeing the new show. Thanks again!!
We did it last month. It was great to be able to sit on the “lawn” in the hub and watch the fireworks without having someone standing in front of you. That was our first time seeing HEA however, like most of their dessert parties the food is meh. And they don’t even have alcohol. Decide how much you want to spend to see the fireworks without any obstructions and go from there.
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