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im gonna try and go to publix today and am quite frankly afraid of what i will or will not find on the shelves..
i have TP but no food
It's easy peasy for some. The ethnic grocery stores (Asian, Indian, Caribbean) have a good supply of food products from their lands. If you have them in your neighborhood, it might be good to check it out.


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You can substitute fine grain sandpaper for what they use in the parks and value resorts.
It wouldn't be any different.


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Interesting. When I worked in southeast asia for a few months, they don't use toilet paper at all. After washing, they just dry it off with a towel (their butt not the ****) Some just use their bottom clothing like shorts and underwear to let it air dry naturally 😂. It's essential for them to use soap and water and not just wiping with toilet paper
Yeah I had heard that some of the ones in Japan had a blow dryer built in, but never saw one like that in Brazil, so I guess they come in all sorts of different forms.
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